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Your flyers doesn´t get mixed and bundled into newspapers, catalogs. 10 X more chance to be noticed.

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GPS Tracking Reports

See the covered streets or even follow us on google street view and see if we came close to the mailbox.



Exceptional Service

We know you are busy and is our job to take over a few problems so you can have more time to relax.

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Each Distribution is GPS tracked.

We distribute only your flyers at the time

We pick up the flyers from your location

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Danish Standard Delivered To Auckland

6 Years experience with flyer distribution in Denmark. More than 11 MILLION flyers delivered nation wide.


Jozef and team do a fantastic job for us each week, and offer brilliant service. We have always had trouble finding people we can trust to deliver our fliers, but we can rely on Walkers to deliver every time. Highly recommend!

Ange Isemonger Ray White

Very impressed with the service! Highly recommend this company.

Rachael Bridger Harcourts

Awesome service, Jozef, I will mention you to the whole team at our sales meeting tomorrow :)

Shane Farley Ray White

Great job Jozef! Great service ! Thank you so much. 

Karin MacIver Harcourts


Delivered Flyers in Auckland

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