2 methods for best results

Hey. Here is something I will tell you from my experience. Is not something I have made up or just think. From 2011 - 2016 I have been delivering flyers for more than 300 Real Estate agents in Denmark on monthly basis. We had other types of flyers too, but 90% of our production were Real Estate agencies. Most of them combined 2 methods of distribution.

Every time there was a house which they got for sale, we were delivering a flyer to a certain area with the picture of the house they have just got for sale. The flyer went specifically to the neighborhood of that house. It was about 500 flyers for the area. In intervals of 2 weeks we had delivered a flyer to that area. Informing the neighbors that there is a house for sale and this is the person who they should call if they are interested in viewing. Every second week that area got a flyer. Of course always with a slightly different but similar message. Later when that house was sold, the same area was again messaged with flyers, but now in different intervals. We had to deliver the same flyer once a week in period of two weeks. The message was about that they have sold a house in some time period, ( as faster as better ) and the time frame was highlighted. That is to let know the neighbors, that they can also get help from this particular Real Estate agent who had sold their neighbors house in a very short time. 

So as you can see, in this method of distribution, one specific area gets a lot of attention and there are frequently delivered flyers. Focusing on a smaller area but do the deliveries more often. With a message tailored only for that area, making it more personal and valuable.

Lets call this method "Method 1". 

- focus on small area and deliver the flyers more frequently

Now lets look at the other method, which was also very common and besides the Method 1, this was something that 99% of our customers used to do.

Real Estate agents has their certain areas where they can promote. They cannot just take all the city as there are other offices too and they compete with each other. Each of them has a bigger or smaller territory. Now, how they can use the most potential from their area, is that they communicate to everyone living there. Once a month deliver flyers with some general message to all of the houses living in their zone. The message could be just an introduction of a sales person who they can call for appraisal. Or it can be a short breakdown of sold houses in the territory for last month. There are endless options and ideas how to be a bit different and not bore the audience with flyers. That we could go over in person as it would take 15 pages to list all this here. But back to the point. This method is about the volume. Deliver the flyers everywhere in the area at least once a month. This is also the more price effective way to go with flyers, as bigger amounts are cheaper to print and cheaper to deliver, at least if you work with me.

So we have the second method, lets call it "Method 2"

- big volume of flyers delivered once a month to every household in the territory

If you read this, I want to give you an idea you can think about.

If it comes to flyers, the best results can be achieved with pushing out big volumes. It is about quantity. Some people might be fussy about the quality of the picture, paper or whatever. And maybe expect calls from 200 delivered flyers. Deliver more flyers like your competitors, deliver them more often. The quality is important, people will remember your logo, your face. But don´t be too fussy about it. Be faster and bigger than your competitors. Until your competitor is deciding which picture of her is better, the one with the blue shirt or the one with black shoes, your flyers must be already delivered in large volume and you should already taken calls from people who want to sell their houses.