Essay about No Junk Mail

Good morning. I have some idea about the No Junk Mail, I want to share with you. Maybe I am correct, maybe I am not but this is what I think.

Of course we dont deliver to No Junk Mail mailboxes. People would complain if they get unsolicited mail. But the question is why? Lets say you have a a real estate agency and you set a flyer with the house you have just sold in the neighborhood, to a postbox which has No Junk Mail sign on it. Okay. So whats the matter? Why would someone call you up and complain? He can just take the flyer and throw it out if he dont like the message.

I only can judge from my own experience. I haven't had a No Junk Mail sign on my mailbox before. Now I have. And is not because sometimes I get a small DLE or similar flyer from a Real Estate Flyer, I dont mind that. The problem is, that my mailbox is constantly filled up with so many newspapers, product brochures, catalogs and other paper, which is just too much and I just dont know what to do with all that trash paper. It is trash! I always have to take it out, look it through if there is any normal mail and than go down to the garage and throw it to the recycling green container. Is just too much. Every day. So I understand people are totally mad about this.


I still think, that even if I have No Junk Mail sign on the mailbox and if I get time to time a letter from a Real Estate agent that he is looking for a house for sale or that he has sold a house just here in my street - that is okay with me, I dont have any problems with that. Is one letter here and there, that I can survive. Wouldn't call anybody and complain. Have more important things to do. So I wouldn't give to that much attention. 

On the other side, what about if I would be an owner of this house and I am planning to sell it and I just get a letter from a nice looking lady saying that she has just sold a house on my street. Hou hou, I would probably call her and ask her if she can come over and tell me what she thinks, how much could I get for my house. 

So I think is a good idea to have a list of addresses where people have No Junk Mail on their mailbox. Use it. Print out a letter and send it out. If someone call you and complain? Ok. Make sure you delete his/her address from the list. Dont send the letters too often, but if you have sold a house in the area super fast or you did something you are very proud of and you want to communicate it to the people. Just go for it. 

I am very much an expert on building precise distribution routes. I can easily help you reach everybody in your area. That you can count on.