Is it really Distributed?

Probably I wouldn't be the only person who did it that way, if I say that at the beginnings of my company I took any possible job for any price, just to get in some business. I was working very cheap and did sometimes flyer distribution jobs, where I spent actually more on transportation than I earned that day. I was happy for every job and proud that I am having customers.

Later I had to change this viewpoint and because my plan was to have a stable company with happy employees and satisfied customers, I had to also raise the price in order to deliver a high standard service.

Of course, our old customers haven´t been happy about it, but I went to each one of them and explained why is this happening and we continued to work with each one of them. But there was something, one customer told me and I never forget it.

I understood the reason why so many people try to push the distribution price down and they are not willing to pay a "normal" price for it. The man who told me this was a 3 generation Real Estate agent having several offices around Copenhagen and his family owned quite a lot high value properties in the city.

He said to me, that he knows that about half of the flyers he is giving us not distributed. So he thinks, that if he pays just a small price for distribution, is kind of okay because anyway only the half is delivered.  Well, I knew that this is not true and that actually every flyer is either delivered to mailboxes, or if something is left, we give it back to his college who is our contact person. Not saying that each distribution is GPS tracked. But he had this idea. I asked him why he thinks that.

It came up, that before us, he had bad experience with distributors and it happened that the flyers were thrown out to the trash. And further more, he said to me that he knows how this works, because when he was younger and was delivering newspapers to make some pocket money, he had himself many times cheated.

I asked him, what would he be willing to pay for the distribution, if every and each one of the flyers would have really been delivered to mailboxes. :) We came to agreement and we are still happily working together. But this is not the point.

The point is, that I understand and I certainly know, that when there is a push down on the price for distribution, that person just doesn´t trust that all of the flyers will be delivered. Flyers are one of the oldest method of marketing and are giving good results for both sides. There is certainly a value in it. As a flyer distributor I can say, just do your job honestly and you will be able to get a price you deserve. ;)