Raincoats needed - Nothing can stop us :)

I was delivering the flyers maybe about for one month only by walking. I was walking about 6 hours a day and do my job. Than I saw an almost new folding bike on Trademe and I bought it. I can nicely fold it and put it into may car. OMG it felt like I discovered America when I did the job on my bike for the first time :) What a change! It went so much faster. *** I need to say here, that we don´t always use bikes, it depends on the area, sometimes is faster sometimes is a problem to push the bike uphills :)

But anyway, to get to the point. Now we have the raining season knocking on the door. And is not really possible to do the job in rain. I did try, several times I ended up with totally wet shoes and clothes. You could have hear me that time in Takapuna to swear and saying all bad words I know :) while getting into my car.


We can fight the weather if we use proper rubber shoes and a good raincoat. The flyers can be covered under the rain coat and fortunately Auckland is not that too cold, so is still possible to walk outside even is raining. 

We need some raincoats.

If you want to help us, you can sponsor us with a few raincoats. Make them customized with your logo or contact on the back, or however you like. And we will wear them while we distribute flyers.

You help us in rainy days and we help you to make your brand more visible.