Flyer Distribution

Flyer Distribution

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On Demand Flyer Distribution 

- Create your customer account by adding your email address and choosing a password. In the future you can see the order history under your account. Creating an account also shortens the order time in the future as your contact details will be already saved in the system. You can create your account HERE

- Choose the date and time frame when we should pick up your flyers. We can pick up the flyers from any location within Auckland suburbs. If the address of pick up location is different from your office address, please let us know, call 021 041 8568 or send an email to

- Print out a Map - we will need to know where to deliver your flyers. You can print out a map with highlighted streets of the area or just let us know the street names where we should go. Put the street list or map together with the flyers, we will take it when picking up the flyers from your office.

- Minimum amount of flyers is 200 pcs per distribution.

- You can choose any area within Auckland Suburbs for distribution. We will coordinate about the area before we start the distribution.

- We can handle any amounts, our capacity grows with the demand.

- GPS tracking report after each distribution is our standard. Read more about GPS tracking HERE

- Exclusive Distribution - only your flyer delivered at the time.

- We support payments with Credit/Debit card, Paypal or Bank Transfer.

- All Payments must be made before we start the job

- GST invoice is sent right after you complete your order