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Choose one of our package deals. Price includes Print and Distribution. 

How do you order?

- Create your customer account by adding your email address and choosing a password. In the future you can see the order history under your account. Creating an account also shortens the order time in the future as your contact details will be already saved in the system. You can create your account HERE

- Upload your Art Work here at our order page. Your Art Work must be "print ready" with bleeding lines and must be in PDF format. 

- Upload Map - You can upload a map with highlighted streets where we should deliver your flyers. The system accepts Image files as well as PDF or word document. ***Note*** We only deliver to private households, houses or apartment buildings.

- Choose the amount of flyers you would like to have printed and delivered.

- Leave nr "1" in "Quantity" window. unless you want to buy more Print & Distribution packages

- We only print DLE format on 200 gsm paper, Double sided color print - the reason why we chose DLE, is because many mailboxes in Auckland has only a very little whole for the mail, which perfectly fits to DLE size. Bigger sizes would slow down the distribution, as they need to be hand folded before putting in to mailbox. 

- Minimum amount is 200 flyers

- We can print any amount of flyers, in case you are looking to print a different amount of flyers as we offer here on our website, please contact our printing department on for quote.

- No Shipping cost - you might need some part of the printed flyers for your own use, let us know how many we should deliver to your office and we will deliver it free of charge.

- We support payments with Credit/Debit card, Paypal or Bank Transfer.

- All Payments must be made before we start the job

- GST invoice is sent right after you complete your order