GPS Tracking = 100% Certainity

We know that the flyer distribution job is one of the easiest to cheat. But it also can be opposite way, when the distributor really did a good job and the customer keep complaining and questioning the distribution, mostly because he has some bad experience with someone else or he had himself cheated 15 years ago when he was delivering some newspapers as a student... 

Therefore  we build on trust, but securing our trust with the best possible control.

Every distribution is GPS tracked with the worlds best tracking application Map My Tracks.

The report you will get after each distribution, is in the form of a link. You click on it and you will see the map with covered streets, the time we have used and how fast we were walking. If you make your own login, you can even zoom in or see us on googlemaps streetview and follow if we came close to the mailbox or not. Is pretty sophisticated.

CLICK HERE to see a short promo video about the app.

CLICK HERE to see a video about how you can follow us on google street view.