Mass-Distribution companies will bundle your flyers into other promotional materials like newspapers, other flyers or catalogs. Now imagine a mailbox full of junk mail and somewhere between all those papers, there is your flyer. How effective is that for you?

What is the chance that a person will come home, open his/her mailbox and just take all of the junk mail and put it directly to trash? You can guess the answer.

We are NOT Mass-Distribution company.

We take only your flyer, we don´t mix it with other flyers, newspapers or any other junk mail.

There is more chance that people will actually notice your flyer and read your message.

Even if some mailboxes are full, your flyer will come to the top of the all other mail. Again, making it more visible when the person opens his/her mailbox.

We do the job on the same way as you would do it.

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